Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mysticism Really

"i don't think, in our kind of society, we'll be able to develop a full blown mystical religion or concept of God, because we seek instant gratification, fast food, endless talk, and noise. the silence in mysticism is alien. people want to do a few courses in mysticism, rather like the way you do French before going on holiday, and emerge a mystic. mysticism isn’t like that." ~  Karen Armstrong

a lot of myriad mysticism can be
involved in looking out the window.
whether into trees and mountains,
or into addlepated peoples faces
or just buildings... a lot of everything
is just there, apparent.

birds fly around, the sun goes
seemingly up and down. the wind blows,
rains come down and summer moths come
on the windows night and day.

addlepated people change
their expressions, or not
... people get aggravated
and learn to let go of it...
their faces shrink or expand
based on what they
seem to perceive.

on the other hand, buildings
just stand there with clouds going bye,
waiting for someone somewhere
to make up something about them...
more static and stupid really.

all this is just some something
we like making up. i prefer the trees, the birds,
and all those breezes... even the summer moths
are kind of lively after all.

behind all this,
is the radiant truth of being.
what we have... behind it all.
what is under all of what
seems to be seen...

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