Friday, November 18, 2016

Prefer the pine trees

some days everyone seems too fast, too slow, too unconscious,
too unknowing, and difficult to deal with... other days,
everyone seems pretty normal... you never know when one of those days will be the day
to start counting the needles on the pine trees outside the office window.

thankfully, the golden leaves of our autumn trees are mixed with the
trees. the year long greenery can be counted on. all the green doesn’t
go away!

just like people, some get yellow and fade off... but, the pine tree green
just stays on. everyday the green is still dark and dependable.
the other trees bend, their leaves come and go... even though they are beautiful,
the only thing that stays counton-able, is the wooden trunk
and some branches.

it’s not like we make the trees wrong for being what they are...

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